What Do Millenial Homebuyers Want?

Check out this post to find out what millenials look for when buying a home!


These days, people choose houses for pretty much the same reason they’ve always done it: for a safe, comfortable place to call home that’s near work, schools and a lifestyle they can afford. But the houses that fit all those modern family needs are different than they were in past generations. Why is that? Because millenials are now the biggest generation in America, and they have seen some of the most drastic changes in our culture. In some cases, proximity to work is a big deal, but many millenials don’t care as much about that: they work from home! Some millenials choose to have big families, and so they want to live somewhere with tons of family-friendly lifestyle options and good schools. Some millenials even choose a home based solely on the needs of their pets.

So, what are a few of the home features that millenials seem to like the most? Read on to find out!


Open Floor Plans

Fewer walls and less “formal” spaces seem to be more popular these days. According to this site, millenials are all about homes that blend functions, that allow for easier socializing and interaction between family and friends. And, because many millenials are choosing smaller homes, open floor plans make multi-functional rooms easier.


Millenials are all about tech, whether it’s a completely plugged-in smart home or just multiple devices (tablet, cell phone, laptop) to juggle. They want a home with uninterrupted cell and internet service, and plenty of places to plug things in. And, these days, there are ways to make connecting and charges your devices even easier!

Millenials also see technology that leads to energy-efficiency as important. They’re looking to conserve energy and keep bills low. Insulated windows and highly efficient appliances are a big plus in the housing market these days! (And, East Tennessee boasts some of the lowest energy bills in the nation. Pair this with smart, energy-conserving choices, and you can see why so many people choose to relocate to this affordable state!)


Minimalism is in, and that means some old-school style is back. Hardwood floors, simple tile, neutral colors, even succulents and xeriscaping is considered chic right now. Low-maintenance is king, and decorating choices reflect comfort in an on-the-go generation.

Location, Location, … well, you know. Location.

Many millenials see the charm of living in the city, or at least within walking and biking distance to most stores, workplaces and schools. About half of all millenials still have their eye on the suburbs, with their quiet lifestyle, but about a quarter say they like the energy of living in the city.

What do you think? Are these home features right up your alley, or do you have completely different criteria for choosing a home?


Of course, our area has a lot of different perks to consider. Knoxville is the biggest urban center around, at a population of just under 187,000. It’s a smallish big city. The bigger draw for our area is its eye-popping natural beauty, temperate climate and comfortable lifestyle. For those who like a big-small town feel, Morristown (pop. about 30,000) and Jefferson City (pop. a smidge over 8,000) have a lot to offer in the way of schools (including colleges), shopping, dining and low housing costs, as well as close proximity to outdoor pursuits.


If you’re in the market for a home in East Tennessee, then check out DarleneReeves-Kline.com. We’d love to help you out.

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