Kick Off 2017 With a New Home!

There are lots of great reasons to consider buying a house in the winter.

Do a Google search of most common New Year’s resolutions, and “buy a house” and  “save money” rank pretty high on the list. We’ve talked before about how moving to East Tennessee is wallet-friendly, as our area has one of the best “quality vs. cost of living” ratios in the country. Even so, making a big move in the middle of winter can make you feel, well … cold. To help you warm up to the idea we’ve compiled a few reasons you might want to consider kicking off 2017 by buying a house now.


With blustery days and bank accounts depleted from all the Christmas spending, many people think winter is not the season for buying a house. If you’re one of those people, you’d be wrong! There are lots of great reasons to consider buying a house in the winter.

While everyone else hibernates, get busy!

Spring is a great time to put a home on the market; people are ready to clean out their house and make a change. With that in mind, if a home is on the market in winter, you’ve likely got a motivated seller on your hands. The cold season really skews the market in favor of a buyer.

Get ready for Spring surprises.


If you make the plunge and buy a new home this winter, get ready for a riot of vibrant color in the spring. Tennessee can seem gloomy in the coldest months, with bare tree limbs and brown grass as far as the eye can see. But we have some of the sweetest harbingers of spring. Irises, crocuses, flowering dogwood trees…these bring the joy and promise of better weather to come even while it’s still shivery outside. You’ll fall in love with your new home all over again.

See the warts of your new home, first thing.

It’s easy to fall in love with a house in comfortable weather, but a smart buyer wants to know as soon as possible if there is poor insulation in the attic (for example.) You should always do a solid home inspection when buying a house, of course, but it’s sure easier to see if a house will be inefficient to heat if you’re inspecting it during peak heating months.

The pace is slower.

If you thrive on the highest possible pressure, then this point won’t matter much with you, but when the market slows down it means buyers, sellers and realtors have more time to spend helping to answer questions and consider options.


If you want to know more about the winter real estate market in East Tennessee, please contact Darlene at Happy New Year!

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